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What’s on our minds this month? Making birth control pills legal over-the-counter, motherhood, the criminalization of “free range parenting,” Florida’s prostitution registry, the great Joan Kennedy Taylor, effecting change without state force, telemedicine and the abortion pill, hijabs, pronouns, toplessness, t-shirts, massage parlor stings, Alabama’s abortion ban, equal pay, the Equality Act, government-issue baby boxes, and more… See links & tweets below.

Top Picks for May

MUST READ: Kate D’Adamo on the racist, sexist roots of “End Demand”
MUST LISTEN: We talk to podcaster Jen Monroe about our vision for Feminist for Liberty, sexism within the “liberty movement,” and socialism within the feminist movement. Listen here.
MUST WATCH: “Conservatives and Progressives”—and one libertarian!— “Debate Feminism, #MeToo, and Donald Trump”: a mini-documentary from Vice that features Feminists for Liberty co-founder Kat Murti

Photo of the Month

5 badass libertarian women whose work you should know: (1) Reason TV producer Alexis Garcia (@heylexyg) | (2) Cynthia McGillis (@CynthiaMcGillis), director of revenue operations at Industry Dive |(3) Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward (@kmanguward) | (4) Lauren Krisai, senior policy analyst at Justice Action Network (@laurenkrisai) | (5) Liz Wolfe, writer and editor (@lizzywol)

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