What’s on our minds this July and early August? Declaring independence from Republicans and Democrats, the 2020 election, what criminal justice reform means for women girls, making gov-issued identification gender neutral, “unschooling,” fighting back against police profiling, the cruelty of current immigration policy, how Tulsi Gabbard is kind of a badass, how silly it is to call capitalism incompatible with feminism, Cyntoia Brown’s release (hell yeah) and Chelsea Manning’s continued imprisonment (grrrr), the amazing U.S. Women’s Soccer team, bad tech laws, free speech as a feminist issue, #MAGA Socialism (aka “national conservatism”), sex worker rights activism in D.C. and New York, how to make libertarianism more welcoming, all the great panels and events coming up this fall, and more…

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Molly Davis of the Libertas Institute & Young Voices talks about Kamala Harris’ criminal justice record:



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More Libertarian Feminist News & Commentary

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  • Chelsea Manning is still being detained:
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  • Free markets help women:
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  • Human trafficking panic and immigration cruelty combine:
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  • One more time for those in the back…
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  • Sex workers in D.C. and N.Y. face misinformation and hostile “feminist” opposition in their fights to decriminalize prostitution between consenting adults.
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  • RIP:
  • “Self-managed abortion is going to play a bigger role, no matter what happens with Roe,” report Anna North at Vox.
  • Kat talks to Tatiana Moraz:
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  • Fighting words? 😉