Feminists for Liberty’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown wrote one of the most popular pieces on Cato’s Libertarianism.org in 2019!

The article asserts that, “Libertarian feminists offer a thoroughly individualist version of feminist thought rather than the common collectivist understanding.”
“There’s really nothing more collectivist than treating someone as simply a representative of their sex or gender,” argues Brown, further stating that “if feminism is ‘the radical notion that women are people,’ libertarian feminism is the even more radical notion that women (and men) are individuals and should be treated as such.”

The only way true social change can happen is without the use of government force—i.e., by changing hearts and minds, rather than changing the laws.

In policy terms, our goals are to tear down state-sanctioned sexism where it still exists—whether that sexism seems to benefit men or women more—and advocate for systems where sex and gender are irrelevant to how one is treated by agents of the state.

Equality of outcomes is an okay thing to desire but not an okay thing to accomplish through legislative fiat (from a moral or practical perspective).

While often framed as well-intentioned attempts to correct for historic discrimination, trying to officially give women  a “leg up” over men only winds up enshrining a separate-but-equal status under the law—a status that will backfire against women ultimately.

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