We had the pleasure of attending the Free State Project’s annual winter gathering, Liberty Forum, in Manchester, New Hampshire, last weekend.

In addition to getting inspired by our northern neighbors (and the amazing community the Free Staters are building), we had the participate in a panel on libertarian feminism moderated by Free State Project President Emeritus Carla Gericke.

On February 2, Gericke talked to Feminists for Liberty president (and Reason senior editor) Elizabeth Nolan Brown and board members Jess Mears, who was also there representing the national Libertarian Party, and author, entrepreneur and New Hampshire native Avens O’Brien, who now lives in Los Angeles and has been active in libertarian activism and politics since she was kid.

On February 1, O’Brien also talked to Liberty Forum guests about how to be an effective advocate for social change outside the electoral politics system and Brown spoke about how the government’s war on sex work makes all of us less free.

We’ll post video of the full libertarian feminism panel soon! For now, we just want to say thank you to the Free State Project for hosting such an amazing event and thank you to all the folks who attended and asked such thoughtful questions!