Feminists for Liberty Video Contest Graphic

Looking for something to do under quarantine? Enter the first ever Feminists for Liberty video contest! In the spirit of celebrating liberty and equality in a socially distant manner, we want to highlight the ideas and creativity of both experienced and rookie video creators with something to say about libertarian feminism in the 2020s.

The basics: Submit a 5-7 minute video essay that shows the importance of individual liberty to feminism (or vice versa!). Your video can be an educational video essay or a human-interest piece. Videos will be evaluated on content first and presentation second so video production experience is not required!

If you’re stuck, here are some prompts:

  • What is the future of libertarian feminism?
  • The state has historically been and continues to be one of the largest perpetrators of sex discrimination, gendered oppression, and sexual violence. What is a story that shows an individual persevering despite these state-created obstacles?
  • How would you demonstrate that gender equality is tied not just to social and cultural liberty, but to economic liberty too?
  • Who are the feminists who have been overlooked by textbooks and common knowledge?
  • What does feminism look like in other cultures?
  • This August marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Tell us about one of your favorite figures who fought for American women’s right to vote OR explain how suffrage impacts liberty.

For details on how to how to submit, prizes, and more, check out feministsforliberty.com/video-contest

You can win $500 worth of video equipment, $50 worth of books, or some libertarian feminist swag, in addition to having your video seen by our awesome panel of judges from the professional film, liberty, and feminist worlds and shared widely by Feminists for Liberty. (Read more about our amazing panel of judges)

These are weird times right now, to put it extremely mildly. (Check out our resource page for ways to help those facing extra risk during the COVID-19 epidemic because of state actions or sexism—or both) On top of that, we once again face a presidential election where both major party candidates are duds (to put it way too mildly, again) and both parties are leaning more and more into their anti-civil liberties and anti-economic liberty factions.

Which is why—despite all the doom and over the din of the constant culture war—it’s still so important to project the long-overlooked voices and values of classical liberalism, those who believe individual rights, economic liberty, and social justice are all vital components of a free society.

A main part of our project at Feminists for Liberty is helping to break down superficial lines between people fighting for freedom, and we hope that no one shies away from getting involved based on narrow conceptions of what libertarianism or feminism can be. Now, more than ever, we need folks committed to both liberty and equal rights to step forward and make themselves heard. With the initial Feminists for Liberty video contest, we hope to help that happen.