Feminists for Liberty's Kat Murti joins an upcoming panel on Consent in the Workplace as part of the International Festival of Consent. #IDoConsent

You probably already know about Feminists for Liberty’s upcoming panel discussion, “Libertarianism is Consent Culture” (register here), which will take place on November 30th, the International Day of Consent.

Well, that won’t be our only contribution to the International Festival of Consent, a two-week long exploration of the meaning of “consent culture,” beginning on November 16th and culminating on the International Festival of Consent.

Feminists for Liberty Executive Director Kat Murti will also be joining a panel discussion on “Consent in the Workplace” organized by the Consent Academy.

We often think of consent as something outside of work; something sexual or only related to sexual harassment. Yet we know that a workplace founded on a culture of mutual respect, open communication, and accountability can be more efficient and productive, better led, and safer for all. Incorporating consent into the workplace helps employees feel confident in their workplace relationships, eases stress, and allows employees to focus on their work. Ultimately, it’s about creating safer environments with higher employee retention, fewer HR complaints, and more happiness.

During this session our panelists will discuss what consent looks like in a work environment, how to create more consensual work environments, and some of the difficulties that come up.

Panelists Will Include:
◘ Sar Surmick – Seattle – Director of the Consent Academy
◘ Gwen Snyder – Philadelphia – Writer, Consultant, & Strategist
◘ Rosa Robada- Oakland – Burlesque Dancer, Model, Grassroots Activist
◘ Kat Murti – Executive Director of Feminists for Liberty
◘ Amanda K. Rue – Founder & CEO, The Shift/Work Shop

The panel will take place on Sunday, November 29th at 5:00-7:00 p.m. ET (2:00-4:00pm PT). You must register to attend (sign up here).

Donations to the Consent Academy are suggested but not required. (You can also always donate to Feminists for Liberty here).