On Monday November 30th, join us for a special panel discussion celebrating the International Festival of Consent.


“Libertarianism is consent culture,” we’re fond of saying at Feminists for Liberty. But what exactly does that mean? And how do we illustrate its importance using concrete examples? 

On Monday November 30th, join us for a special panel discussion celebrating the  International Festival of Consent, featuring Cathy Reisenwitz, Avens O’Brien, and Leslee Ann Petersen, as well as Feminists for Liberty President Elizabeth Nolan Brown and Executive Director Kat Murti. 

Consent is an issue that gets a lot of attention these days. That’s good, considering how vital consent is in all aspects of our lives. Sexual consent tends to get the most focus and discussion. But looking at various types of activities, relationships, and laws through the lens of consent can be helpful when it comes to setting both formal rules and informal norms. 

Centering the principle of consent in personal interactions and public policy is one of the key principles of libertarian feminism, a philosophy rooted in the classical liberal values upon which both the early feminist and libertarian movements were built. Alas, today, people adopting both labels often overlook the importance of consent in areas where it’s inconvenient. 

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