About Feminists for Liberty

Feminists for Liberty is a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading libertarian feminist ideals, activists, and speakers. It was founded by a group of friends in 2016, in response to the lack of classical liberal or individualist feminist representation in modern U.S. feminist movements, mainstream media, or libertarian circles.


To inject a classically-liberal feminist perspective into mainstream political conversations

To amplify the voices of freedom-minded feminists of all genders

To help foster freer and more diverse libertarian discourse on issues surrounding sex, gender, equal rights, sexuality, parenting, state-based sex discrimination, criminal justice reform, reproductive freedom, the importance of economic liberty for women’s advancement, and other issues.

Statement of Values

We believe true feminism and libertarianism are highly compatible, as both are centered on the inherent worth and power of the individual. We believe that the state has been and still is one of the biggest perpetrators of sex and gender discrimination and violence. We believe in trying to free people from sex-based disparities in the law and the collectivizing power of gender essentialism. We believe in promoting voluntary solutions to gender inequity that doesn’t arise from government power, and in helping to create the conditions where these solutions can flourish. And we believe that feminism is for everyone.