Feminists for Liberty

anti-sexism & anti-statism, pro-markets & pro-choice

Mission & Values

Feminists for Liberty is a grassroots group dedicated to promoting libertarian feminist ideas and voices. It was founded in 2016, incorporated in the District of Columbia in 2018, and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2019.

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Feminists for Liberty (F4L) is leading a new wave of an old idea—that people should be treated equally under the law, regardless of their gender or sex.

If feminism is “the radical notion that women are people,” libertarian feminism is the even more radical notion that women (and men) are individuals and should be treated as such.

Feminists for Liberty is  anti-sexism and anti-statism, pro-markets and pro-choice—in everything. We are classically liberal, anti-carceral, and sex positive. We share many of the concerns of mainstream feminists, but believe the best means of creating change in society isn’t based on coercion, criminalization, censorship, or bigger government.

Guided by a long tradition of individualist or libertarian feminism, Feminists for Liberty provides a counter-narrative to prevailing ideas about what feminism is and means, raising awareness about our space within the diversity of feminist thought.

We’re gathering allies and independent thinkers—no matter your labels—to challenge conventional wisdom about feminism and libertarianism.

A wave starts with just a little wind blowing along the water’s surface, creating a small disturbance that steadily builds into something bigger.

Let’s create a disturbance.

Feminists for Liberty Mission

  • To inject a libertarian feminist perspective into contemporary political conversations and media. 
  • To promote policies that advance gender equality while respecting individual rights, free markets, and civil liberties. 
  • To oppose government-sanctioned sexism in all its forms and advocate for systems in which sex and gender are irrelevant to how one is treated under the law. 
  • To amplify the voices of freedom-minded feminists. 
  • To drive more diverse and open liberty-movement discourse on issues surrounding sex, gender, sexuality, reproductive decisions, family issues, and equal rights. 
  • To highlight economic liberty’s crucial role in women’s advancement and push back on the notion that free markets are bad for feminism.
  • To be fearless, intellectually honest, and unite more than we divide. 
  • To promote liberty and gender justice for all.

Feminists for Liberty Statement of Values

We believe true feminism and libertarianism are highly compatible, as both are centered on the inherent worth and power of the individual.

We believe that historically and currently, the state has been one of the largest perpetrators of sex discrimination, gendered oppression, and sexual violence.

We believe the law shouldn’t discriminate based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status. 

We believe in promoting voluntary solutions to gender inequity, and working towards the social, cultural, and economic conditions in which these solutions can flourish. 

We believe that free speech, an open internet, religious freedom, sexual privacy, self-defense, and robust due process rights are essential to an equal and just society. 

We believe collectivism is bad policy—and that there’s really nothing more collectivist than treating someone as simply a representative of their sex or gender. 

And, we believe that feminism is for everyone.

View Articles of Incorporation & organizational bylaws here.