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January 25 Old Pros Project

Why January 25 Matters

On Monday, January 25, 2021, artists and advocates sponsored by Old Pros Project are debuting projects in New York City, New Orleans, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Thanks & Giving Banner

Thanks & Giving

This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for the talented, intelligent, motivated, kind, and all-around amazing people who have been helping our fledgling organization thrive and grow.

Kat Murti on BoldTV's Millennial Minute

Celebs, OnlyFans, & Youtube

Kat Murti joins BoldTV’s Millennial Minute to discuss what happens when celebrities join platforms like OnlyFans.

Panel: Consent in the Workplace

Feminists for Liberty’s Kat Murti joins an upcoming panel on Consent in the Workplace as part of the International Festival of Consent. #IDoConsent

2020 Video Contest Winners

In the spirit of celebrating liberty and equality in a socially distant manner, Feminists for Liberty’s first ever video contest highlighted the ideas and creativity of both experienced and rookie video creators with something to say about libertarian feminism in the 2020s.

October 6: Virtual Video Festival

Join us this upcoming Tuesday, Octobers 6, as we announce and screen the winners of the first Feminists for Liberty video contest. Joining us for the virtual libertarian-feminist film festival will be […]


Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Jo Jorgensen talks to Feminists for Liberty president Elizabeth Nolan Brown. Last week in Cleveland, Ohio, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen fielded questions from Feminists for Liberty […]