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Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Jo Jorgensen talks to Feminists for Liberty president Elizabeth Nolan Brown. Last week in Cleveland, Ohio, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen fielded questions from Feminists for Liberty […]

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Say Hi to Our 2020 Board

For 2020, we welcome back board members Nena Whitfield, Casey Given, and Rachel Davison Humphries and add three new members: Jaclyn Boudreau, Jess Mears, and Avens O’Brien.

On Our Minds: July/August 2019

What’s on our minds this July and early August? Declaring independence from Republicans and Democrats, the 2020 election, what criminal justice reform means for women girls, making gov-issued identification gender neutral, “unschooling,” […]

On Our Minds: June 2019

What’s on our minds this month? Rising illiberalism on the left and the right, crypto-fuelled political activism, prostitution decriminalization efforts in D.C. and New York, Democratic presidential candidates, Chelsea Manning’s ongoing incarceration, […]

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On Our Minds: May 2019

What’s on our minds this month? Making birth control pills legal over-the-counter, motherhood, the criminalization of “free range parenting,” Florida’s prostitution registry, the great Joan Kennedy Taylor, effecting change without state force, […]