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The Real Story of Women’s Suffrage

It’s not uncommon to hear people criticize today’s dominant strain of U.S. feminism by invoking a comparison to women’s rights activism a century or more ago. These women fought for equal rights, […]

U.S. Women’s Suffrage Myths

Myth: The 19th Amendment, passed in August 1920, ended the fight for American women’s suffrage. The 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, declaring that “the right of citizens of the United States […]

The Radical Fight for Votes for Women

“I think the way we talk about suffrage needs attention,” historian and curator Kate Clarke Lemay told The New York Times recently. It is so often described in a way that makes […]

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Reclaiming Feminism for Liberty

“Fourth-wave feminism must be classically liberal to win,” writes Elizabeth Nolan Brown at “Americans tend to talk about feminism as a series of chronological and generational ‘waves,’ but this obscures major […]