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Feminists for Liberty Visits the Free State

We had the pleasure of attending the Free State Project’s annual winter gathering, Liberty Forum, in Manchester, New Hampshire, last weekend. In addition to getting inspired by our northern neighbors (and the […]

On Our Minds: June 2019

What’s on our minds this month? Rising illiberalism on the left and the right, crypto-fuelled political activism, prostitution decriminalization efforts in D.C. and New York, Democratic presidential candidates, Chelsea Manning’s ongoing incarceration, […]

On Our Minds: May 2019

What’s on our minds this month? Making birth control pills legal over-the-counter, motherhood, the criminalization of “free range parenting,” Florida’s prostitution registry, the great Joan Kennedy Taylor, effecting change without state force, […]

Firearms & Feminism: a Chat w/ Antonia Okafor

VIDEO: Kat Murti talks to activist @Antonia_Okafor, founder of women’s gun rights group @EmPOWERed_2A. Watch on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/KatMurti/videos/vl.410673049443213/508720649531776/?type=1

Separating Fact from Propaganda on Sex Trafficking

Feminists for Liberty co-founder Elizabeth Nolan Brown talked to libertarian radio host Bob Zadek during a conference in Phoenix, Arizona, earlier this month. Listen below to their discussion about the feminist sex […]

Feminists for Liberty in The New York Times

“NBC Didn’t Fire Matt Lauer. We Did.” Check out Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s op-ed today in The New York Times about the powers and paradigms making the #MeToo Moment possible: feminism, but also […]