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Meet the Judges for the Feminists for Liberty 2020 Video Contest


Feminist for Liberty’s video contest is celebrating both experienced and rookie filmmakers who want to free individuals from sex-, gender-, or sexuality-related constraints on their choice of education, occupation, family, or lifestyle.

Jaclyn Boudreau

Jaclyn Boudreau is secretary of the board of directors of Feminists for Liberty and a creative director at Pacific Legal Foundation, where she tells stories through film, photography, language, and design. Her films have been accepted into the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, IMDB’s Top Shorts, and Reason Media Awards. Prior to joining PLF, Jaclyn directed the classical liberal YouTube channel Learn Liberty.

Jo Jensen

Jo Jensen is currently an impact producer at the production company Just Add Firewater and has over a decade of experience designing award winning digital marketing campaigns, including for movies, politics, national PR firms, and nonprofits. Her work has been featured in national news outlets including NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Good Morning America and People magazine. Jensen applies grassroots and digital marketing strategies to disrupt the traditional film distribution landscape and earned a Guinness World Record in 2012 for organizing the world’s largest movie premiere, with 28,442 people in attendance.  

Terry Kibbe

Terry Kibbe is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Free the People, an educational organization aimed at imparting the values of liberty, and the a partner at strategic communications firm Fight the Power Productions, which she also co-founded. storytelling. Previously she worked as a fundraiser for FreedomWorks, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Cato Institute, after spending the first decade of her career as an engineer.

Remy Munasifi

Remy Munasifi is a Virginia-based YouTube creator and comedian whose “GoRemy” videos have been viewed over 90 million times. He is a frequent contributor to ReasonTV.

Avens O’Brien

Avens O’Brien is a member of the Feminists for Liberty board of directors and administrative director of Lit.Club, a Los Angeles based cannabis startup. Having grown up in a home of Libertarian political activists in New Hampshire, she was the youngest Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of NH (2006-2008) & has worked on multiple liberty-oriented campaigns, from municipal to presidential elections. Prior to her work in the startup & cannabis communities in Los Angeles, she worked for Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital. O’Brien is also known for her photography & speaking engagements at liberty conferences around the U.S. & world and her writing for outlets such The Libertarian Republic and Thoughts on Liberty. Her entire online catalog of work can be found at